4 Awesome Marketing Ideas for Finance Companies

Dec 03, 2019

Are your phones quiet? Has your email inbox stopped pinging? Well, you’re in the right place!

For the past month, we’ve been rounding up our favourite marketers and asking them to share their favourite marketing ideas. Now we’re ready to share them with you!

Right, enough preamble. Let’s get into the good stuff.

#1 Make yourself an entry-level resource

Have you heard of inbound marketing? No? Well, it’s only the most effective marketing strategy since the early 2000s!
The inbound marketing funnel looks something like this.

All business have way more people in the stranger lifecycle stage than it does any other. In fact, every single person who could use your service is technically a part of that stage!

One of the easiest ways to attract this group is to make position yourself an entry-level resource for those people. Producing super basic content casts your net wide and pulls in a lot of traffic. Yes, the traffic will be unqualified, yes, a lot of your visitors will leave but you will find some genuine customers in amongst them.

A couple of simple ideas are running free webinars and producing free guides. Once you’ve proved your value, they’ll be back for paid services in no time.

Here’s Lorraine Wolfe from Aware Creative Solutions explaining how she leveraged entry-level content.

We started out with detailed PDF Quick Start Guides about how to set up each credit card terminal we sold. Eventually, we decided to shoot detailed how-to videos to accompany those PDFs.

The first video we created was scripted and shot by me in about 4 hours and has accumulated over 34,000 views. Other than already buying a camera, shooting this first video and uploading it to YouTube was completely free.

Due to its success, we hired a video production company to make higher quality videos for the rest of the terminals. The most popular video for a very common credit card terminal now has over 380,000 views.

#2 Find a stage and start talking

Networking events, seminars, trade shows, exhibitions. They all have massive audiences crammed into small spaces. If you can find an empty stage, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Speaking engagements don’t just bring your brand to new audiences but help establish you as someone to listen to in your industry, too. To maximise the value of each talk, remember to record your them and reuse the content as video clips, blogs or podcasts.

Here’s Callum Beattie of Winnipeg-based Honest Agency on the advantages of speaking gigs.

Speaking engagements are a great way to market your business. It positions you as a thought leader and an expert and it opens doors to the right customers if you choose the right speaking engagements.

Attend events in your industry with the mindset of meeting and learning about the people in the room. Don’t think of it as selling, think of it as building relationships.

#3 Build an influencer team

An influencer is a person or an organisation with access to a large audience in a particular niche.

For example, founder of Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, is an influencer in consumer finance. He has 355,000 followers on Facebook, 432,000 followers on Twitter and his website receives 13 million unique visitors a month.

If Martin agreed to share an article you wrote, you’d gain instant access to hundreds, thousands or millions of people.

However, getting access to high-level influencers is difficult, costly or both.

A more affordable and achievable alternative option is to target mid-level influencers and build a reciprocal relationship. Here’s Charlie Marchant from Exposure Ninja on how to best harness mid-level influencers.

There are many mid-level influencers who are producing great content and have an engaged audience but haven’t crossed over into the world of insane stardom where their demands go through the roof.

Influencers who are producing content within a specific niche will often have a very targeted audience. If your brand aligns well with theirs, then you have a good chance of getting your products or services promoted. The benefit is that you get access to a highly relevant and targeted new audience who could be potential new customers.

#4 Turn your customers into salespeople

Here’s a crazy statistic. Almost 90% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

That means having a review on your website or marketing material is the same as having someone stand behind whoever’s reading it saying: “Oh, yeah. I’ve heard of these guys, they’re really good.

Here’s Phil Duncan of Glasgow-based video product firm Sync or Swim Productions on the benefits of testimonials.

Studies have shown that the most effective type of video is the customer testimonial with an effectiveness rating of 89% (WebDM). This puts it above your general promotional or explainer video. If you can entice your best customer to speak on camera then this video can really drive leads and sales as it gives prospective customers a lot more faith in your product/service.

What next?

So, there are four fantastic marketing ideas for your company.

Now, I don’t recommend you try them all at once. All companies have a finite pot of resources and spreading them too thinly is one of the easiest ways to fail.

Instead, select one at a time and trial it for a couple of months. If you’re seeing results, double down! If, for whatever reason, it’s not bringing in many results, just move onto the next one.