7 Grants for Web Design in Scotland

Jan 14, 2020

Web design projects can be expensive endeavours, especially if you committed to including all of the latest bells and whistles. We’ve got good news though, you rarely have to foot the entire development bill yourself.

There are organisations across the country offering grants and funding to businesses of all shapes, sorts and sizes, and many of these grants would be the perfect funding source for your web design project.

Just take a look at the grants we’ve dug up and see just how easy it is to shrink the cost of your next website.

National Grants

Prince’s Trust: Enterprise Programme

Grants up to £1,000

Earlier this year the Prince’s Trust merged the Youth Business Scotland and Explore Enterprise programmes to form the new Enterprise Programme. This new scheme aims unify the Prince’s Trust’s business support services and provide a centralised point of contact for funding, resources and mentoring.

The programme has a variety of funding options, ranging from startup loans of up to £7,500 to business grants of up to £1,000.

Support is subject to local funding restrictions so businesses in some regions will be unable to claim. Check out the Trust’s website for more information.

Business Gateway: Digital Scotland Voucher [Expired]

Funding up to £5,000

The Digital Scotland Voucher is a super secret grant offered through Business Gateway. Okay, it’s not that super secret but you do have to send them a Freedom of Information request before they agree to talk to you.

The scheme is designed to “increase the number of businesses using eCommerce, ICT and Digital and online services to support business growth and international growth.”

In short, it allows businesses to embrace all the benefits of our digital world.

You can use the the voucher for a huge range of things, including website development, staff training, software development, consultations and implementation support.

However, the Voucher is provided through Business Gateway so you have to deal with their red tape, advisers and so on. But if you’re willing to power through the faff, the payoff is more than worth it.

Because the Digital Scotland Voucher scheme expires in December we are currently offering a free consultation on digital projects to help clients get a headstart on their project. Get in touch with our team to discuss your free consultation.

SCVO: Challenge Fund

Grants up to £10,000

The Challenge Fund supports projects across Scotland which improve the basic digital skills of an organisation’s staff or the people they are supporting. That could include building a new website, running search engine optimisation training or providing mentoring to improve technology usage.

Previous funded projects include a website for the Colonsay and Oronsay Heritage Trust, a media production trust serving Inverness Prison and a series of LinkedIn workshops for Glaswegians.

Regional Grants

Glasgow City Council: New Business Start Up Grant

Grants up to £1,000

Glasgow City Council’s New Business Start Up Grant is their way of championing new business in the city. If you’ve recently founded a new business within the city limits, you could be in for an easy £1,000.

Simply apply through the council’s website, send in some supporting documentation and a cheque will be winging its way to you in no time at all.

There is technically a discretionary element to the grant but most people we’ve spoken to were awarded the maximum grant available.

Falkirk Council: Business Grants Scheme

Grants up to £3,000

Falkirk Council is one of the most business-forward councils in the whole of Scotland. The grant is designed to “help businesses which are undertaking growth projects and have a gap in their funding package.”

The scheme provides a grant of up to £3,000 and can be spent on premises, machinery, equipment, systems, technology, innovation or market development. The project must be between £1,000 and £30,000 and the grant is limited to 50 percent of the expenditure.

Businesses have to tick a number of eligibility boxes to claim under the scheme but these are far less restrictive than some we’ve seen.

South Ayrshire Council: Start Up Grant

Grants up to £1,000

This is basically South Ayrshire’s version of Glasgow’s Start Up Grant. However, it’s got much stricter eligibility criteria so you’ve got to put in a bit of work before you’re sent a brown envelope stuffed with non-sequential notes.

Applicants need to have the ability ambition to take on a full-time employee within the next 24 months and grow their turnover by £120,000 in the next 26 months. Tough but not impossible.

If your business is in South Ayrshire, give it a go.

West Dunbartonshire Council: Start-Up Grant

Grants up to £500

Perhaps not the most generous of grants on our list but a super simple application process makes it a no-brainer for businesses in the West Dunbartonshire Council area. Simply provide proof of trading and the council will post you our a grant to spend on whatever you so wish.

A Grant for the Future

Skills Development Scotland: Flexible Training Opportunities

Once you’ve got your website designed, built and paid for, you’ve got to think about getting it seen. Yes, you could rely on traditional marketing but when you’re dealing with digital you’ve got to invest in digital marketing.

Search engine optimisation. Paid search. Inbound marketing. Social campaigns. It’s the marketing of the future but to drive real growth you have to know exactly what you’re doing.

That’s where Skills Development Scotland’s Flexible Training Opportunities come in. These grants offer up to £1,000 per employee and a maximum of £3,000 per company for all sorts of training, allowing you to empower your business by empowering your employees.