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A Day in the Life of a Content Marketer

As a content marketer, people often ask me: What is it that you actually do?

Well, since you’ve clicked on this post out of all the other ones on the blog, I’m going to guess that you want to know too. So, without much further ado, here’s what this Monday looked like for me.

8.45 — Still asleep

I’d like to say I’m a morning person. Actually, I’d quite like to say a lot of things. I own an idyllic tropical island, I spend my holidays on a 38-foot Lagoon catamaran and I play the cello.
Unfortunately, all of those things are massive lies — especially the first one!
Honestly, how I find my train and get into work in my bleary-eyed state every morning remains a mystery. But it happens, more or less, without fail. (I do admittedly end up in Glasgow Central instead of Glasgow Queen Station but that’s par for the course with ScotRail.)
Once I’m here, it’s straight into the kitchen for some freshly aeropressed coffee. I’m not entirely sure it tastes better than instant but it’s fun to make coffee in something that looks like the love child of a super soaker and a cafetiere.
Arriving back at my desk, I look over my emails, send some replies and flick through my feed of industry news.

9.00 — Getting there before it’s hot off the press

I have five main clients that I do work for and part of my job is securing high-quality media placements for them. We use a couple of services that hook up journalists with experts and it’s always important to get in before your competitors.

The first thing I do is look over what media queries have come in and decide if any of my clients make a good fit. If there’s a match, I get the query across to my client for them to sketch out a response.

9.30 — Marketing stand up

Every Monday, we have an all department standup, including all the content marketers, PPC folk and our project manager, Ross.
We review what we did over the last week and what we’ve got planned for the coming week. It’s super useful for throwing ideas around, refine upcoming plans and share what’s working well with the rest of the team.

10 — Urgent tweaks

One of my emails this morning was about a brochure we’ve been writing and designing. The client’s got a tight deadline and needs everything finalised ASAP. to get everything finalised and printed so it gets slotted into my workflow as a priority.
After some minor tweaks and changes, we get a revised design over the client for approval.

10.30 — Blog post for Cardswitcher

I’ve got time scheduled to work on a blog post for Cardswitcher this week. At the start of the campaign, we drew up a pretty in-depth content calendar with blog topics so I whip the next idea off the shelf and get writing.
It’s about how a huge number of business owners simply don’t know how much they pay in payment processing fees. It’s pretty in-depth and needs some original research so I get that all set up and get the skeleton of the article planned out.

(It took another week or so to finish off but it turned out really well!)

12.30 — Lunch

Panini, mature cheddar, German salami. In the panini maker for ten minutes. A little dollop of mayonnaise and a sprinkling of rocket. Done.

13.30 — Guest post draft

Last week, I’d rustled up a couple guest post leads for our favourite West End dentist, Buttercup 7 Day Dental.
Today I’ve got time to sketch out some blog ideas and get them over to the site owners for approval. Maybe something on teeth whitening myths?

13.30 — Landing page copy

Stewart Timber, one of our oldest clients, is kicking off a new campaign to gear up for their busy summer months. We want to create some dedicated landing pages to use as a foundation for the campaign.
Our designer had built up some wireframes last week so it’s my job to write the copy and slot it in. Today I’m writing about garden decking, which is genuinely a lot more interesting than it sounds!

17.00 — Social time

We all collectively contribute our social media as it gives our feed a more varied, genuine feel. A couple times a week, we spend 15 minutes dumping interesting blogs, opinion pieces, tips and tricks into a Slack channel.
Once all the research is done, someone queues up all the content to go out over the next few days.

17.15 — Daily checks

And just like that, it’s that time already. Just enough to log any stray tasks for the day, take one last swatch at my emails and set up some stuff for tomorrow.

17.30 — Heading home

Time to head for the train again. This time slightly more awake! So, that’s a typical day for a content marketer in Digital impact. Depending what I’ve got on, it could be hugely different but it’s always pretty varied and exciting!

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