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Paid advertising that instantly drives profitable traffic to your website

Need instant and furious traffic to your site? We will research, manage and carefully optimise a select list of high-intent keywords for your business to maximise your returns and decrease your Cost-Per-Acquisition month on month.

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Who is the service for?

Whether you need traffic to improve your site conversions, to grow sales or boost awareness around a certain product — paid advertising can provide an immediate stream of high quality leads. Our team of certified PPC specialists can help you develop a personalised and cost-effective strategy.

What do I get?

It takes experience and a lot of hours to really understand how to build, run and optimise a paid advertising campaign. Our team of certified Adwords experts will do everything from writing ad- copy to designing visual ads to optimising your campaign and reducing your customer acquisition cost.

  • Personalised campaign strategy

    We will work with you to determine and target the best paid advertising avenues to pursue (paid search, social advertising, display advertising, remarketing, Google Product listing ads etc.).

  • Dedicated account manager

    You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will oversee the development and implementation of your paid advertising strategy. If you have any questions, all you need to do is fire over an email or pick up the phone.

  • Quantitative results reporting

    We believe transparency is the only way, so we send out a report each month explaining how things are going and breaking down your numbers so you can see exactly how your paid advertising has aided your business objectives.

Why Digital Impact?

At Digital Impact we’re Google Partners. Our marketing crew have all completed extensive Adwords training and are fully qualified to set up, manage and optimise your campaigns to maximise your return on investment.


The cost of your paid advertising campaign is comprised of two figures: our management fee and your agreed paid advertising budget. We’ll provide you with a total estimate price and breakdown of your project in your initiation document, so there will be no unexpected invoices coming through you inbox.

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We’ve implemented numerous lucrative paid advertising campaigns for our clients over the years. Whether you are in Scotland, Sicily or slightly further away, we can offer you our finely tuned paid advertising campaign.

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The beauty of paid advertising is that you will start seeing results as soon as the campaign goes live. With our setup, you can be at the top of the search engine results for your key search terms straight away, driving tonnes of high quality traffic to your website.

Once we start to see the results, we will adjust and optimise your campaign to ensure that your stats continue to improve and that your Cost Per Acquisition decreases.

With over 15 years of experience, we know a thing or two about paid advertisement.

One of the biggest benefits is that just because you put a campaign live, it doesn’t mean you’re done. After pushing it live, we get to test and optimise little things that all together make a great difference and improves your add to deliver the maximum return on your investment.

By thoroughly researching your business and what your advertising goals are, we devise a comprehensive plan that aligns with your budget and advertising requirements.

The length of your campaign and the budget depend on what your goals are, the competition for the keywords you’re bidding on and what you’re willing to spend.

Some of our clients spend their advertising money in bursts and others have a set monthly budget. If a business is very seasonal they’ll often have heavyweight campaigns running through certain months and pause all campaigns in others.

Other clients use PPC as a short-term solution whilst waiting for SEO to take effect.