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Buttercup Appoints Digital Impact

After meeting at the University of Glasgow in 2004, Glasgow dentists Angela and Gerwyn Rowlands married in 2007 and started working together in 2011.

Based in the heart of Glasgow’s West End, Buttercup is committed to delivering a relaxing service.

After developing a new website, experimenting with Facebook ads and carrying out physical advertising without really knowing how any had performed, Buttercup decided they needed to call in some experts to improve their online performance.

We can’t wait to get started. Buttercup are offering something quite different for dental patients in Glasgow. First of all, Gerwyn grew up afraid of the dentist meaning they take the utmost care and make sure patients feel completely at ease whenever they visit. Having a reception area that’s more like a coffee shop than a typical dental reception certainly helps!

Buttercup are built for convenience – open 7 days, open in evenings, online bookings and free parking. It really does feel like this is how a dental practice should be in 2016 and they seem miles ahead from other practices in terms of services. Now we need to get them competing on the digital marketing front.

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Will Craig

Like all great entrepreneurs, Will has two key driving qualities: an inexhaustible energy supply and a motivation to do better than everyone else. Having worked in every corner of the industry, Will leads Digital Impact with truly unique perspective.