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How can SMEs benefit from Digital Agency Services?

You might think you can’t afford digital agency services. We think you can’t afford to be without them.

Don’t get us wrong – we know that money is tight for most small or medium-sized businesses. We know this because we are one, and you don’t thrive as a business without making some very careful decisions about money.

This post is a (somewhat) jargon-free overview of what a digital agency can do for your business. If you know what you want to achieve with your online presence, then we can help you put that into action.

We know the digital marketing world can seem about as clear as a muddy puddle at times. We’re keeping this guide simple. This is how to leverage the skills and knowledge of a digital agency so that we together can smash your digital marketing targets.

Which Digital Agency Services Do You Need?

digital agency services - SME advice

The following statement headings are common issues that digital agency services will help an SME to solve. If a statement resonates with you, then read on to find out how your business will benefit from agency expertise in that matter.

1- I am saving money by only using social media and free site-builders such as Squarespace, WIX or WordPress. I can’t seem to extend my followers beyond my own social circle. How do I find new followers and clients online?

If you’re up for the challenge, then being your own online PR is a huge boost to any business. However, creating a profitable online presence is an ongoing time commitment, and that is likely to be the first reason why the growth hasn’t happened as fast as you expected.

Social media alone can take you a good way, but you need to be sharing regularly AND ideally creating original, quality content. If you’re thinking that it sounds easy to schedule 5 posts a week across various platforms, then you’re correct.

Scheduling is fairly easy. The difficult part is sourcing or writing and creating content to share which is going to benefit your prospective customers, and therefore, your business.



A new business looking to save money doesn’t have to resort to paid campaigns to ensure growth, but organic growth is the result of good content and regular publishing. This will require a significant chunk of time. Digital agency services include talented copywriters who can convey enthusiasm and create an identity for your business quickly and efficiently.

If you want to read more about copywriting, then check out our posts on copywriting for financial services and optimising your blog for leads. Sharing the content across social media alone will boost your followers. But what about people who are looking on Google, rather than through Facebook or Twitter? Jump to point 3 for more on this.

2- When you search for my business on Google, it isn’t even on the first page. How can I fix this?

First up, you need to get your Google Analytics account up and running so you can see exactly how people are finding you (and NOT finding you, as the case may be). Ranking on Google is generally achieved through SEO (search engine optimisation) or through paid adverts such as PPC (pay per click) campaigns.

Both of these approaches will require your website to be the absolute best it can be. If your site is not up to scratch, then what is the point in spending time and energy showing it to people? I’ll talk about this a little more in point 4.

Anyway, back to Google’s ranking for now.

Let’s say you are looking at the Analytics account for your business. You check out the Sources. Then, you realise that people only find your site on Google by searching for your business name.

This is a problem.

As a new business, you aren’t only marketing to people who have already heard of your business. You need them to find you when they search for a laundrette in Glasgow, or finance lawyers in Edinburgh.

Old-school SEO used to involve ‘stuffing’ relevant keywords all over your site, but the algorithms that Google use now will sink your site to the very depths of searches if you try this tactic.

The algorithms are closely guarded but most digital marketers agree that quality of content is a hugely important factor. SEO now is an exercise in research as much as it is creating sophisticated shareable content. You need to perform regular keyword research, and present these keywords on your site in a highly relevant and thoughtful way.

With a team of highly qualified SEO and content marketers, an agency can help take the load off your shoulders. Pop in for a meeting, throw your wildest content ideas at us and we’ll make them into optimised articles.

Content marketing is an alternative but extremely effective way of harvesting leads. Good content marketers seek to help and inform your potential clients, positioning your business as an authority in the industry. Sales come from confidence in your entire brand, product and identity – not from a written sales pitch dressed up as a blog post.

Blogging is a big part of SEO. Which leads us to …

3- I have heard that having a blog will improve my rankings on Google. I’m not much of a writer, is it really essential?

SME digital agency services


Do you trust the brand with the bare website? We certainly don’t!

So much business is done online now that you need to have the digital equivalent of a strong handshake and a clear passion and knowledge for your industry and you need this to be evident the second someone clicks on your site.

If your business is a cleaning company, then it isn’t enough to just list your rates. You need to position yourself as an expert in your field, and blogging is a great way to do this. Not only will blogging help your real-life, human customers see that you are the real deal. It will also help Google to measure how legitimate you are.

Creating helpful, relevant content will convince customers that you know your stuff. They will engage with well-thought out content – share it, comment on it, watch videos and read how-to guides. Google will take all these stats and use them to understand how useful your site is. The more people are reading your site, the higher up it will appear in the search engines.

Digital agency services include content marketers, who are experts in writing expertly about things. They have top notch communication skills and they understand how Google reads text just as much as they understand how people read online.

They will work closely with you to create content that represents your company’s values, expertise, services and USPs. This content is part of your online ‘shop window’ and it will be personal to you, even if you choose to leave the actual writing to someone who can write articles standing on their head.

4- I can see on Google Analytics that our website traffic has not increased at all over the last three months. What should I do to fix this?

digital agency services - investing in marketing

The problem might not be in people finding your site in the first place. It could be the website, itself.

Is your website turning away customers? Would you know if it was?

It probably seems a little backwards to start saying this now. We’ve been talking about search engines, social media and all the technical ways to ensure people are finding your fantastic business.

But let’s be honest, if you weren’t already aware of SEO and organic website growth, then you probably assumed that your website was fine as it was, and Google was the problem.

A digital agency will be able to cast an experienced eye over your site. This includes out the front and behind the scenes. If your ‘Sale” link leads to a 404, well, that’s a problem which is quite easy to see. Maybe your payment information page is difficult to navigate and consistently losing customers. Would you know where to look to find this out?

You use Google Analytics to track the buyer journey, from the first time they arrive on your site, to a successful purchase. Properly utilising the information on Google Analytics can provide a whole wealth of information about your site, but it isn’t the most straightforward thing to do.

With the right settings, you could see at a glance whether a recent keyword campaign has led to sales or tumbleweed. You can find broken links, reassess your landing page and consider whether your pop-ups are a hindrance or a help.

Digital agency services can take you through Analytics and summarise your website strengths and weaknesses. This gives you the info you need in a clear format so you can make the right decisions for your business.

5- I want to spend some money on my digital marketing. How do I choose digital agency services? Should I pick between paid ads on Google, social media ads, influencer marketing, or even something else?

Great question!

Digital marketing techniques change very fast. As fast as you can write a blog advising on best practices, Google could change, Instagram could change. Digital marketers then need to restart a system of trial, error, and research, to get the best new approach.

Don’t worry, we love it, so you don’t have to!

Investing some revenue back into your marketing campaigns? Your tactics will be entirely unique to your business. We have written recently about choosing between PPC and SEO and whichever tactic needs to be decided with your overall business goals in mind.

Give us a bell! We can offer a free consultation and tell you all about the most relevant digital agency services for you.

Sidse Sorensen
Digital Marketing Coordinator

With experience in tech, startup and the public sector, Sidse brings an unbelievable wealth of talent to the marketing team at Digital Impact. Sidse heads up the internal marketing team at Digital Impact and writes for a wide range of clients and niches.

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