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Lease Fetcher raises £300,000!

Fundraising closed with £300,000 in the bank!
The UK’s first vehicle leasing comparison site, Lease Fetcher, has just wrapped up its first round of fundraising with an amazing £300,000 in the bank! Part of the funding comes from Scotland’s economic development agency, Scottish Enterprise, and the remainder from our parent company, Digital Impact.
The injection of cash will allow its development team to dedicate more time to the project and supercharge development on an MVP. With this new funding, Lease Fetcher is on track to launch in November 2017.
Managing Director, Will Craig, said:

It’s an incredible day today! We’ve secured enough funding to move an entire team onto Lease Fetcher and they will now dedicate all their time to the project. This should allow us to accelerate development and launch an MVP during 2017.
It’s amazing to think that six months ago we had an idea and now we’re standing on the verge of making it a commercial reality.

Lease Fetcher is currently hiring across its technical departments. If you have the skills and personality for a fast-moving financial startup, send us your CV and a quick note about yourself to [email protected].


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