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Website & marketing for the UK’s only card comparison website

Cardswitcher compares the UK’s best payment providers to save businesses thousands of pounds on their payment processing costs.

We have worked with the team at Cardswitcher for several years, improving and optimising their digital assets, including a day-to-day business dashboard and custom reporting software.

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The Results

  • 29% Increase In traffic year-on-year

  • £18 million Saved by customers in the last year on Cardswitcher

  • 4,700+ keywords In the top 100 in UK searches

  • 79% decrease In bounce rate, delivered by our recent design tweaks

  • 24% increase Pages per session, delivered by our recent design tweaks

Functionality and conversion

  • Since payment processing is a confusing topic, we knew our designs had to make it as easy as possible for visitors to compare their costs and see how much they could save.
  • Using custom algorithms, we generate quotations in real-time and deliver them to the users, allowing them to select the best deal for their business.
  • Cardswitcher supports multi-user access with granular permissions as their partners also required access to the site to edit their pricing.
  • We developed a full reporting software suite, allowing Cardswitcher staff to compare website performance between months and years.

Attracting visitors to Cardswitcher

  • In-depth industry and user research laid the foundations for a content marketing campaign.
  • Production and promotion of high-quality content to boost organic visibility and attract new users to the site.
  • Alongside content marketing, we carried out remarketing campaigns to drive users back to the site, which results in thousands of returning users.

Great experience across any device

While the majority of Cardswitcher’s still use desktops, we’ve seen the demographics sliding in recent years. With a growing proportion of users opting for smartphones and tablets, Cardswitcher’s site had to be designed with a mobile user in mind.

To futureproof Cardswitcher, we used the latest responsive frameworks so the site looks great on every single device.