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Taking Tax IQ one step ahead of its competitors

Before Tax IQ came to us they got most of their new business from word of mouth recommendations. Noticing a small increase in new business coming via organic results, Tax IQ seized the opportunity and called in the experts.

Before we started crafting Tax IQs website copy and building their backlink profile, we built them a series of highly converting, responsive landing pages.

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The Results

  • 219% Increase in overall traffic

    (Aug.- Sep. 16 Vs. Aug.- Sep. 17)

  • 339% Increase in organic traffic

    (Aug.- Sep. 16 Vs. Aug.- Sep. 17)

  • 338% Increase in avg. session duration

    (Aug.- Sep. 16 Vs. Aug.- Sep. 17)

  • 17.73% Reduced bounce rates

    (Aug.- Sep. 16 Vs. Aug.- Sep. 17)

  • 966% Increase in goal completions

    (2016 Vs. 2017)

Building a highly converting set of local landing pages

With Tax IQ launching at their new premises in Edinburgh's West End, we built a series of landing pages targeting local areas: East Lothian, North Berwick and Edinburgh.

From years of experience and through thorough research, we designed and built Tax IQ a website that was easy to navigate for the users, and designed to drive conversions.

Increasingly many people access websites via their tablet or smartphone, so the landing pages needed to be highly responsive. Using the newest technology, we built a Tax IQ site that could be accessed from all computers, tablets, phones and even on big television screens.

By developing a site with minimal friction and with the users at the heart of every decision, Tax IQ increased the average time on site by 338% (Aug.- Sep. 16 Vs. Aug.- Sep. 17), and reduced bounce rates by 17.73% (Aug.- Sep. 16 Vs. Aug.- Sep. 17)

Building a business with digital marketing

Before we started crafting the content for Tax IQ’s website, we conducted a thorough analytical and qualitative review of all immediate competitors. Based on the results of the competitor analysis and keyword research, we agreed on a content strategy that would get Tax IQ on the map.

Through closely knitting together website copy to aid local SEO rankings, and targeting a specific group of accountancy keywords, we’ve helped Tax IQ climb the search ranking ladder significantly. Whilst still focusing on driving conversions, we crafted content that increased organic traffic by 339% (Aug.- Sep. 16 Vs. Aug.- Sep. 17).

Great experience across any device

Historically B2B traffic mainly came from desktop users, however the way people are searching is changing, and more and more searches are coming from people on the go.

Using the latest technology, we have optimised the landing pages across mobile, tablet and desktop. This has dramatically reduced the mobile bounce rate by 47% (September 16 vs September 17).