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Content that engages and converts customers.

Remarkable content will fuel search engine visibility, drive engagement, boost brand awareness and convert your visitors into paying customers.

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Who is the service for?

Great content is a powerful selling tool — It can make your company look like an expert in your field, build trust and attract new customers.

Here’s a wild fact for you. 77% of B2B purchases won’t even speak to a sales guy before they have done their initial research. In fact, up to 90% of the initial research is done via search engines. When you deliver expert valuable content, you improve your search ranking and you build relationships.

Our team of content creators will discuss goals and opportunities, draw up a strategy and execute it to maximise your ROI and deliver a steady stream of high quality leads to your business.

What do I get?

Depending on the scope of your project, we will select a unique range of tactics to bring fuel to your content strategy. That said, there are three things all our campaigns have in common.

  • In depth persona research

    Before we get to work, we take our time to get to know your target customer. Only with an in- depth understanding of their needs and wants can we create brilliant content that ticks all the right boxes and drives conversions.

  • Content creation

    Our team of content creators are well versed in building SEO boasting, sharable content. From bouncing unique ideas, to solving problems to converting leads — our content creators can craft anything from a top-funnel blog post to a complex eBook to a funny meme driving engagement on social media.

  • Reaching your audiences

    Our content marketing services don’t end once we hit publish. We ensure that all our hard work sees results by working with influencers and communities relevant to your brand, promoting it to new and wider audiences, maximising your return on investment.

Why Digital Impact?

Our content team has a collective set of refined technical and creative skills that are hard to replicate in an inhouse team. With over 15 years of experience in creating successful content, our processes and strategies are constantly refined and have a clear set of goals and measurable KPIs.

Project costs

We bill our work at a flat hourly rate of £70 with the addition of paid advertising budgets, printing costs, placement fees etc. Our initial quote will vary depending on the amount of work your project requires and the goals you’re pursuing.

Join our list of successful clients

Our content team specialise in the financial and automotive sectors but are always up for a good challenge. Join our list of successful clients today to gain a competitive advantage and grow your business through digital marketing.

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Good content is becoming increasingly important, and it’s a relatively simple way to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Content is a brilliant way to enhance your brand, engage potential customers, explore topics relevant to your audiences and deliver other useful communications.

Subject to your goals and our agreed KPIs we will send you a monthly report outlining what we’ve done and to what effect, in plain english.

With access to big sets of data from Google Analytics, SEMRush and Hotjar (to name a few) we are able to measure the direct effect of all the work we carry out.

Our content creators and SEO specialists work closely together to suggest a content strategy that is of interest to your target audience and has decent search popularity.

From getting to know your target audience and researching your industry, our team will suggest a strategy based on hot- topics, search data and the scope of your project.

All our content strategies are run by and approved by you before we initiate the work. If there’s something you’d like changed or if you have any suggestions — this is the ideal time to speak up.