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List of Crucial Web Design Elements All Manufacturing Sites Should Have

So you’re a manufacturing company and you’re looking to revamp your site.

You know what basic pages you need – home, about, services, contact us…

You have your content strategy in place.

You have your copy written. Branding is on point. Photoshoots are done.

And you know exactly what you want your site to do:


  • Grab attention

  • Build trust

  • Demonstrate value and ultimately,

  • Convert users into leads


But what design elements can you use to best achieve each and everyone of these things?

While every site should be unique and built to purposefully suit its clients needs, there is a set of best practices that will ensure you go in the right direction if you follow them.

To make things simple, we’ve made a list for you, and even added in some great examples, take a look!

Web Design Element: Video Content

On average video content grabs attention and holds a much higher interaction rate compared to all other forms of content.

According to Forbes, embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Video allows you get tons of information over to your potential leads very quickly and with minimal effort on their part.

In a industry that makes physical items, video is perfect for manufacturing websites. Both the process and the finished products are visually stimulating and interesting for people to watch, adding the benefit of educating the viewers as well as potentially making sales.

Not to mention people seem to just like watching machines work. Over two million people have watched the hydraulic press crush a bowling ball below.


What is the best content for video?

Services and case studies make great videos in the manufacturing industry to demonstrate your value and worth.

You can show before and after’s, the process itself, and even the team involved. Not only are these easy ways for users to absorb content they are also super shareable, unique and really showcase who you are and what you can do.

As well as using it as a way to showcase your services and processes, video can also be used to grab attention. A great place for this is the ‘hero section’ of your homepage. The hero section is often the first thing people see on your site and having an eye catching video is a great way of making you stand out from the other 3 tabs they have open on your competitors.


A great example of this, is the homepage of Carlton Die that we previously designed – Click here to view to seriously stunning video content on the Carlton Die hero section.


die casting manufacturing video

Web Design Element: Previous Clients

Trust is a major player when it comes to making decisions about what manufacturing company to spend big money with.

One of the first jobs your website has to do, is convince the user that you are a reliable and trustworthy company. If the page doesn’t do this, the user will leave without reading a single line of text, and not come back.

Well how do you create this trust?

One of the best ways to build trust is to showcase previous clients, especially if they are well known companies. This will immediately help earn the users trust knowing that you wouldn’t be likely to have such an impressive client list without offering a professional and high quality service.


When it comes to how you showcase this, I always think don’t be shy or humble about it. You worked hard to earn these clients, let everyone know.

A great example of these is a website we built for a client a few years ago, Safety Training Scotland.

Click here to see the site – www.safetytrainingscotland.com

manufacturing safety training scotland previous clients
As you can see, right from the first view portal on the homepage, user’s can see who Safety Training Scotland have worked with, a lot of them familiar big names. This ensures users that Safety Training Scotland is a highly trusted site.

If you do the same on your website, along with providing valuable content then trust will be formed and you will edge your user ever closer to converting.

Web Design Element: Targeted CTAs

So you’ve grabbed attention, provided valuable content and built trust. What’s next?

It’s time to turn your users into leads!

So how do you do it? CTAs.

No page should ever be without a Call To Action. CTAs normally take the form of a button so it is distinct and clear that it is directing the user to take an action. It is the element that tells the user what to do next and pushes them further down the conversion funnel.

What makes a good CTA?

This is often the most overlooked part of the conversion process. Sites often put in all the hard graft convincing the user that they are the right company for them for this reason and that reason, then hastily add a default ‘Contact Us’ button and wonder why people drop off.

Using default CTAs like ‘Contact Us’ leaves the message unclear to the user on what step they should take next and what value it will provide them.

CTAs should always be targeted to the page content and user intent, and give the user a clear reasons to click.

For example a user on a die casting page should be met with a CTA similar to “Get An Instant Quote For Die Casting”.

This tells the user what is likely to happen next, a quote form to fill out, and what they will get in return, an instant price for their project.

This doesn’t just apply to CTAs for specific services either, the simple ‘Contact Us’ at the end of an FAQ page can be adapted into “Still Have A Question? Contact Us Online”.

Web Design Element: Instant ‘Get A Quote’ Builder

In the digital world no one wants to wait for anything anymore, and this includes business quotes. In a culture where everything is now, websites need to be instant as well.

Quote builders are a great way to meet this demand, especially in the manufacturing industry. If you can have a CTA saying ‘Get An Instant Online Quote For [Service]’ people are far more likely to click it knowing at the end of that process they will have their quote, rather than perhaps filling out a form and not hearing back until days later. Frustrating right?

With instant ‘Get A Quote’ builders you will stand out from the crowd, prove your company is efficient and also keep the potential convertible users on your site for longer, pushing them closer to the sale.

Does this work for manufacturing?

Yes. It’s as simple as asking a few questions that you know you can then build a rough price from. Most people know they won’t be getting an exact figure, but a ballpark price gives them the opportunity to know if they want to invest in your services, preventing wasting anyone’s time further, or making the user move closer to converting if it is suitable.

The idea is that you can follow it up with a email or phone call in the next few hours as everyone now has an idea where they stand. The conversation has already begun.


Since installing our own quote builder on the Digital Impact website we have seen our site conversion rate triple.

Check it out here: Digital Impact Get A Quote

digital impact build a quote manufacturing web

Web Design Element: Contact Us

Have you ever been looking for a phone number for a company and not been able to find it?

You search in the footer, it’s not there. You try the header, nothing.

When you do finally find the contact page you have to select a reason for contact and then you get shoved onto a nondescript form.

If you have had this experience then you know how frustrating it can be, and ultimately leaves you feeling that the company doesn’t actually value your custom.

Therefore for your manufacturing site, you should always make it as easy as possible for your users to contact you and you should give them a range of ways to do this.

Everyone likes to communicate in a different method and it’s important to allow your user to do this in a way that suits them. If they want to speak directly to another person on the phone, make sure the number is easy to find. If they want to find everything online make sure your contact form is never more than a few clicks away, ideally always in the header or footer. Even chatting through social media is becoming more common so have links to all social channels as well.

Ultimately make sure you are really easy to contact in a range of methods, we would always say contact should be visible on the top level of the navigation. Social links, phone number(s) and addresses should be very clear in the footer.


Here’s a great example, TaxIQ conversions rose by 966% after our redesign and we started by making sure it was easy for users to get in touch from any page.

tax iq contact us manufacturing web elements

If you want to revamp your website to grab attention, build trust, demonstrate value and ultimately convert users then give us a call on 0141 343 8470, get a quote or fill out our Contact Form and we will be in touch.

Check out case studies to see what we have done for our clients: Case Studies.


Kevin Stewart
User Interface Designer

Kevin is the seasoned creative behind the design team at Digital Impact. Since moving into his senior designer role, Kevin has helped Digital Impact define a clear visual style and identity.

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