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Digital Impact Round-Up: Three, two, one — lift off!

Digital Impact Round-Up
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Hey 😀
How’s your Friday going?
I thought I’d drop you a wee email to share all the best bits of content I’ve come across this week.
I’m hoping to make this email a regular thing on Fridays so if you come across any outstanding blogs next week, feel free to ping me an email.
So without further ado, here’s the best four blogs I’ve read this week.

#1 AdWords’ new extra headline: 7 ways to make the most of it // Search Engine Land

Last Tuesday, during the Performance Summit Keynote, Google announced the introduction of double headline text adverts. In his blog for Search Engine Land, Google’s Matt Lawson called it “one of the most significant updates to AdWords since the invention of Quality Score.”
Matt goes on to share lots of tips on how best to use the new advert real estate in your advertising. It’s a must-read for anyone running a paid search campaign.

#2 Attracting and Retaining Good Digital Staff // Media Temple

One for the agency owners and directors out there. Paul Boag, who came to internet fame through Headscape and his (brilliant) podcast, shares some tips on how to find, recruit and retain good digital staff.
With staff turnover a growing problem in the industry, it’s really encouraging to see an industry vet helping out newer organisations.

#3 On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page (2016 Update) // Backlinko

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Backlinko’s Brian Dean. Every time I click onto Backlinko and see Brian’s big smiling face, I just know that I’m going to learn something.
So when Brian released a newly updated infographic for on-page SEO, I was first in line to read it.
Unlike other gargantuan on-page SEO guides which cover every single possible ranking factor, Brian’s infographic is limited to 16 factors.
It’s short, sweet and easily digestible, and, if you put it all into practice, bound to have a positive effect on your SEO.

#4 Here’s why you MUST spend money on social media // Digital Impact

Yes, including one of our own blogs in our debut email roundup is cheeky but it’s our roundup so live with it.
This awesome post from Ross Dempsey digs down into how algorithmic timelines work on social networks and explains why you’ve got to put money in to get results out.
It’s got people talking about what social networks should and shouldn’t show you and I really think it’s worth a read.

I really hope you enjoyed the first ever Digital Impact Round-Up and got something out of it!
If you did, let me know about it on Facebook or Twitter. If you hated it, you can still let me know about it but please don’t say anything too mean.
See you next Friday!

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