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Digital Impact Round-Up: The tricky sophomore newsletter!

Digital Impact Round-Up
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Hey 😀
Another Friday morning and another weekly roundup!
So while the sunny weather might have abandoned you, our newsletter certainly hasn’t!
Now onto our tricky sophomore newsletter, I’m hacking through my RSS, weeding out the guff and leaving you with the best of the best. The creme de la creme. The content that’s actually going to butter your bread.
So here’s the best four blogs I’ve read this week!

#1 Why I Turned To Outbound Marketing Again //

When I pitched this blog to our MD, Will, he said: “Is this just another blog from someone looking for a fight?”
No. Honestly, it’s not. It just sounds like one.
Author, Victor Ijidola, was very careful to hammer home that he wasn’t about to start bashing inbound marketing…but he was about to walk away.
At Digital Impact, we love inbound marketing and believe it’s the future of digital marketing. However, we’re very aware that it’s not for everyone and Victor’s story is the perfect explanation of why.

#2 Title Tag Length Guidelines: 2016 Edition // Moz

For the past couple of weeks, Google’s been testing a new stretchy container for its search results, upping the size from 512 to 600 pixels.
I know that doesn’t sound interesting but trust me it is! A 17 percent larger container means you’ve got nine more characters to play with in the title.
In his latest blog, Moz’s resident marketing scientist, Dr Peter Meyers, takes a look at what this means for us marketers and how to stay on the right side of Google’s title tag scissors.

#3 Case Study: The 4-Part Sales Funnel That Rescued This Blog // SumoMe

Ignore the title, this blog is way more interesting than its dull title lets on. This fantastic case study from Dustin and Lacey Baier’s shows why your marketing needs to look at more than just traffic.
The Baier’s healthy eating website was receiving 5,000 visitors a day but netting a paltry $187.82 per month — $0.001 per user.
The pair decided to shake up their thinking, ditching their obsession about traffic and focussing on building a sales funnel that works.

#4 Content Marketing 101: What’s the f*cking point of blogs // Digital Impact

Digital Impact’s resident inbound marketing lead — also known as me — teams up with some other content marketers to discuss the pressing discussion of the week: what’s the f*cking point of blogs?
It’s fun, it’s funny and it was a blast to write with some help from Suraj Sodha, Hana Dickinson and Amy Bull. If you’re interested in content marketing, I’d urge you to go give it a read.

I really hope you enjoyed the second issue of Digital Impact Round-Up and got something out of it!
If you did, let me know about it on Facebook or Twitter. If you hated it, you can still let me know about it but please don’t say anything too mean.
See you next Friday!

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