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Digital Marketing in Glasgow: Sidse, Content Marketer

This month is Content Marketer Sidse’s 6 month work anniversary with Digital Impact. I couldn’t miss an excuse for an interview! I caught up with her to talk about Kanye, cake and content marketing. Read on to find out more about the day to day of working in Digital Marketing in Glasgow.
digital marketing in glasgow content marketer

What did you do before you arrived at Digital Impact?

I had an internship at a SAAS (startup as a service) called PingGo based in Edinburgh. The idea is a web application that can write press releases. I was involved in the early marketing stages, when the product was still being built. As well as writing blog posts and content, I had to help prepare for the beta launch, the real launch and conduct user tests to see what people thought of it.

What do you wish you’d known before starting work in digital marketing in Glasgow?

I wish I’d known more about the digital side of it as I had never really heard of guest blogging practises and other link building techniques before I started. As a result of this, it’s become my goal to really boost my SEO skills to make up for lost time. It’s quite a complicated field to be thrown into and the first five or six times you read about different aspects SEO best practise, it probably won’t click, it didn’t for me at least. You have to just crack on with it and bring theory into practice, and then slowly things start to make sense. It’s good when you get the hang of things.

What can you tell me about your ‘Humble with just a hint of Kanye’ mug?

Well, I had to get a mug for the office, of course, and I quite like Kanye. I feel like it’s important to have a bit of self confidence, too. I got it from Urban Outfitters.

Which website do you wish you owned?

Intercom, which is a messenger-based customer service app or the Timetastic app we use for booking time off at work. They’re all digital products still in the early stages and there’s quite a lot to still be done. I think it’s really interesting to be a part of optimising the product to make it user-friendly, and you can write some really cool content when your job is to put a new company on the marketing in glasgow content marketer digital impact

What’s the most challenging aspect of content marketing?

Finding good quality backlinks. A backlink is a page that links to yours, preferably we want a page of a certain quality and domain authority. Backlinking is a really important aspect of content marketing and SEO as it improves how Google ranks your site. Sometimes you send out a hundred emails and get back ten responses, a few of whom might try and charge 600 quid to be featured on their site. It’s tricky business!

And the most rewarding?

Same again – when you get a high quality backlink. Not long ago, I wrote a blog for Buttercup Dental, one of our clients. I got in contact with a dental products provider, who liked the piece and put me in touch with their PR to get it up on their site (if you’re interested, you can see it here). That PR is now taking the piece to various trade publications and media outlets, so it’s becoming a really good story and a good backlink.

Sell yourself a little. Be humble with just a hint of Kanye. What makes you a good digital marketer?

I know a little bit about a lot of things: I’m versatile enough to write about anything from flooring to traffic law. I think my international background helps, too. I’m very accustomed to communicating in different manners and situations and that helps in this field when effective communication is so important.

What’s the most intriguing content marketing strategy you’ve heard about recently?

I signed up to a newsletter by a startup called Finimize. It’s financial news for our generation, but it’s also going to be a place where you can get financial advice too. I get a short email, summarising the financial news for the day and it’s usually quite entertaining. Plus, you get free things if you encourage your friends to sign up! It’s a brilliant example of an early stage growth hack, where the startup is offering amazing content and cool merchandise pre beta to get as many sign ups as possible.

How often do you get a stress migraine trying to pick Labradoodle of the Month?

Maybe we should point out that we have an Australian Labradoodle breeder as a client first, and this isn’t just something we do for fun, even if it is very fun. I don’t think you can get a stress migraine from that. It’s a good Monday morning task. If you’re feeling like it’s going to be a long week, you can just chill out and look at the dogs for a bit. Tick one task off the list, easy peasy!

When relatives ask at the christmas family gathering, how do you describe your job to them?

I still need to perfect this! If I have time and it’s a cousin, for example, who is a bit more business-savvy then I’ll try and explain it properly. If it’s my gran, I tell her:

In Content Marketing, instead of saying, “buy my carpets”, we say, “this is how you clean your carpets, and here are some amazing carpets we bet will blow your mind”. It’s a bit like marketing upside down. Instead of going straight to selling, you are helping out someone with any carpet queries they might have. After that, because we’ve written some content that they liked, and established that they’re interested in carpets – they are great prospective customers for us!

After trying to explain what I do and why people would pay for that, I cut straight to the labradoodles because everyone loves dogs.

What do you like most about Scotland, and Glasgow?

I did my degree in Edinburgh and I’ve been here since August. So I’m very biased towards Edinburgh and I still feel like I’m starting out here. I like Glasgow as I feel like there’s a lot more going on. Also, I really like that there’s not a festival for a whole month of the year. You can’t get anywhere in Edinburgh during the Fringe, might as well just give up!

Are there any Glasgow-based businesses that you would love the chance to plan a marketing campaign for?

Bo Concept. I like interior design, it’s from Denmark like me, and it’s such a nice shop! I like the idea of working in startups too, I think you get more creative freedom there. Startups are generally more open as they’re just starting to create a brand for themselves.
digital marketing in glasgow content marketer

Thanks Sidse, and happy 6 month work anniversary! What would be your ideal celebration cake?

If I had to choose my favourite cake it would be Tiramisu. It’s a perfect combination of sweet, coffee, liquor and all the good things in life.

We’ll see what we can do! Looking for information about Digital Marketing in Glasgow?

We love digital marketing, web design and everything in between! We do free quotes, and if Sidse’s in the office then she might let you have a shot of her Kanye mug when you come and have a chat about your digital hopes and dreams. Sold? Click here to see our contact page, and here for some case studies if you want to find out more!

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