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We Have Two Dribbble Invitations To Give Away!

Back in October we launched a competition for aspiring designers to win one of our two coveted Dribbble invites.

For those of you that maybe aren’t quite in the know, Dribbble is an exclusive community of creative designers from all over the globe. It’s essentially an online portfolio where they can showcase their own graphic designs, web designs, illustrations, and photography – and be endorsed by other designers.

To maintain a really high standard of design work, Dribbble is an invite only community.
Dribbble invitations are hard to come of these days, so we seized the moment and hosted a little competition to make sure that our tickets were given to two designers that showed some really promising work.
We were overwhelmed by the amount of submissions we got, and extremely impressed by the quality of portfolios that people were sending over.
It took us weeks to narrow it down to our top 7, and in-between a few heated debates (of the Tyra Banks kind) we finally decided on our two winners – Anne Toal and Simon Hoang.

Dribbble must’ve been impressed with the people we invited, because you guessed it, we’ve got another two Dribbble invitations to give away

If you’re a keen designer, and would like to showcase your work on the popular platform Dribbble, then show us what you’ve got!

What do do? Email kevin@digitalimpact.co.uk
When’s the deadline? 12pm (GMT) Monday 12th February
What should I send? Fire over a small bio and some links with work that you’re proud of, it could be a portfolio. We ask that you please do not send any zip files as we cannot open them due to security reasons.

The two winners will be announced on Friday 16th February. (*Oh, and we reserve the right to postpone this if we don’t think the submission are high enough quality*)
If you are looking for some inspiration, or what it is we’re is looking for – check out our winners and finalist from our last competition below.

Previous Winners

Anne Toal
Philadelphia, USA

Dribbble Winner Anne
“Hello, I’m Anne. I’m a graphic designer living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My passion is for print and all things handmade–my initials do spell “ART” after all.
I graduated from Susquehanna University with a degree in graphic design. Since then I have been lucky enough to work with some great companies, clients and designers. I am currently a senior designer at Drexel University Online.
When I am not in front of my computer I enjoy reading, watching baseball, drinking beer, traveling and dreaming of my next trip abroad.”
What We Loved About This Designer
Anne has a really unique and fun style that sets her apart from the crowd. With her amazing attention to detail we were truly blown away by her creativity and we really hope that being on Dribbble we will see a lot more of her.
Check Out Their Designs At:

Simon Hoang
Manchester, UK

Dribbble Invite Winner
“I am Simon Hoang, a UX/UI Designer working for an advertising agency based in Manchester City Centre.
I love being part of the creative community, focusing on UX, problem solving and making a real impact on user journeys in our everyday lives. Mainly on the web and mobile application.”
What We Loved About This Designer
We resoundingly agreed that Simon was an all round great designer, from clever interfaces to amazing use of colour and imagery, his designs stand out on top and we couldn’t wait to see what more he could bring to the world of digital design.
Check Out Their Designs At:


Previous Finalists

Goran Saveski
Auckland, New Zealand

Dribbble Invitation Finalist
“I’m a 31 year old UX/UI and visual designer, originally from Europe, currently based in Auckland NZ.
I’ve been doing design for the past 12+ years, ranging from branding and print, to digital marketing and UX/UI projects such as responsive web, mobile apps and CRM platforms.”
What We Loved About This Designer
Goran quite clearly demonstrated that he has a brilliant understanding of user needs, and how to design interfaces to drive conversions. We thought this went above and beyond a lot of simply visual designers in terms of functionality.
Check Out Their Designs At:

Urban Godlewski

Dribbble Invitation Finalist Urban
“My name is Urban Godlewski. Having graduated from The Strzemi?ski Academy of Art ?ód?, I am a freelance graphic designer with over 10 years of experience. I have worked for both the large international and smaller agencies, for global and local brands.
I create useful visual identities, publications, packaging, print and digital designs, delivering creative project solutions. I believe that successful results are the effect of the design process which takes into consideration both conceptual and practical requirements in order to create adequate propositions.
My ambition and dedication cause that clients trust me completely and entrust me with their projects, each of which becomes a window to search for new methods of operation.”
What We Loved About This Designer
We loved Urban’s super clean designs, with his creative, unique and out the box approach.
Check Out Their Designs At:

Esben Gudbrandsen
Olso, Norway

Dribbble Invitation Finalist Esben
“I’m from Trondheim in Norway, currently living in Oslo working in-house for the largest travel agency in the country. I have been working on websites since 2008 and have gained a lot of experience creating user friendly designs. I have a degree in interactive design and have also studied motion graphics. Today I work mostly with translating business goals into great user experiences. I love working with the user in-mind and develop concepts, designing the user experience and the user interface. Both complex systems and small details.”
What We Loved About This Designer
Esben’s work with UI components really grabbed our attention. They were easy to understand and use at a glance, but still looked super clean and visual. Amazing!
Check Out Their Designs At:

Eliezer Pujols
Dominican Republic

Dribbble Invitation Finalist Eliezer
“My name is Eliezer Pujols, I’m 19 years old. I’m from Dominican Republic. I just design and code for fun. I am deeply passionate about interaction design, illustrations, photography and I love playing the piano. Making beautiful and minimalist things is my passion.
I have done very unique presentation at Microsoft in The Dominican Republic, and I often post some articles in Intern Life.
I just finished High School, but I’ve learned design on my own without going to design school. Actually, I’m a freelancer designer, and I will start studying at a Design School from January, 2018.”
What We Loved About This Designer
Eliezer had a great variety of stunning designs across a ton of styles. He had amazing use of colour and UI elements as well to really make his designs memorable.
Check Out Their Designs At:

Juba Didoune

Dribbble Invitation Finalist Juba
“My name is Juba. I’m a self-taught designer from Algeria. After graduating from high school, I went to school to study science and technology and then studied computer science at the university. I decided to leave my studies to concentrate seriously on what I like the most.
I worked in a brand agency as a graphic designer for 2 years and then moved to another company working as a web designer for one year. Currently I am co-founder of a startup company in Algeria.
Projects that I like to work on is branding, logo design, and web design. Sometimes I do motion design too.”
What We Loved About This Designer
We were really impressed with the range of skills Juba showcased. The branding, UI, Web and illustration was all on point. Juba is quite clearly an all round great creative.
Check Out Their Designs At:

So if you are ready to show us what you’ve got email a link to your work to kevin@digitalimpact.co.uk by 12pm (GMT) Monday 12th February.
We ask that you please do not send any zip files as we cannot open them due to security reasons.
The two winners will be announced on Friday 16th February.

If you want to find out more about what we do at Digital Impact check out some of our Case Studies or pop us a message.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook!

Kevin Stewart
User Interface Designer

Kevin is the seasoned creative behind the design team at Digital Impact. Since moving into his senior designer role, Kevin has helped Digital Impact define a clear visual style and identity.

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