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Woohoo, We’ve Found Our Dribbble Invite Winners

As you might’ve seen, we were lucky enough to have another two free Dribbble invitations to give away to the top two graphic designers of our choosing.

We made a little competition, sent out some feelers, piqued some designers interest, and asked them to submit a sample of their work – and what we got back were some awesome portfolios!

With only two invitations to give away, we had to go through all the individual entries one by one with a very critical eye. After a few heated discussions and a couple of hairsplitting decisions, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve found two designers that we think are top dawgs and belong on Dribbble.

Congratulations to Laura Hurst and Marilyn Rumberg – we can’t wait to follow your work!
Dribbble Winners Digital Impact


Laura is a Glasgow based designer and illustrator, and we found her work quirky and brilliant. We were super keen to see that Laura experiments with a wide range of creative techniques to express herself, as well as through illustration, and that’s why we think Laura belongs on Dribbble!

Good luck with your designs Laura, keep em coming!
Check out Laura’s #draw365 blog here: http://laurabelle.co.uk/


Marilyn is a Graphic Designer, and based in Estonia. When she first sent over her portfolio we all had a good chuckle because we thought the choice of url was genius. K thnxz bai.

After we had a good scroll through her artwork, we knew we were onto a winner!

Good luck on Dribbble Marilyn, we hope that will be your new 2018 hobby?

Check out Marilyn’s portfolio here: www.kthnxzbai.com

Because we got a bunch of really good entries, we thought we’d give the runner ups a shout out too.

Peter Makovicky

We were super impressed with Peter’s Behance profile. His app designs are on point and we look forward to seeing his future work.

Check out Peters work here: https://www.behance.net/makovicky

Karthick Jay

Karthick sent over this very impressive graphic! It takes skill and a good patience to complete a work like that. Keep up the good work!

Ruslan (??????)

We’re big fans of this mockup that Ruslan sent over! A clean design with inspiring photography in the background. That’s our kind of style!


Karen’s portfolio was an absolute treat to look through! Her work in packaging design and onboarding is pretty damn impressive! We think you should check her out here: https://karenwang1030.myportfolio.com/

Check out our previous winners here: https://www.digitalimpact.co.uk/dribbble-invitations-give-away/

Kevin Stewart
User Interface Designer

Kevin is the seasoned creative behind the design team at Digital Impact. Since moving into his senior designer role, Kevin has helped Digital Impact define a clear visual style and identity.

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