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We build robust and highly converting eCommerce websites that attract visitors all hours of the day and turns browsers into customers.

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Who is the service for?

Whether you need help establishing your first eCommerce store or are looking to revitalise your existing one, our team of digital expert can help you build and market it. Our eCommerce developers are experienced with a range of eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

What do I get?

With an eCommerce site planned, designed and developed by our Digital Impact team there are certain processes and features that ensure your site’s success.

  • The correct platform

    The choice of platform will depend on the size of your store - our favourites are WordPress with a hint of WooCommerce, or Magento for bigger stores. We’ll make sure that your platform is geared to meet your specific needs.

  • Conversion driven

    A good eCommerce website will earn its budget back (and more!) in no time. We’ll make sure that your site is optimised for attracting users and converting them into customers.

  • Fully responsive design

    Smartphone, tablet, desktop, and television — your target customers may use a number of different devices to access your store. To convert your browsers into customers, it’s crucial that your site works effectively on all of these devices. We’ll ensure that your eCommerce store works and looks great on a wide range of devices.

  • Integration

    Our eCommerce websites can be fully integrated into Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping, bringing your brand to new audiences and multiplying your selling power.

Why Digital Impact?

With over 10 years of experience working on eCommerce websites, our talented team of designers, developers, and marketers all have the creative flair and technical expertise to build you an eCommerce store that packs a punch.

Project costs

Our product is our team’s time, so that’s how we bill our work. All eCommerce sites are different, so your project cost will depend on the scope and scale charging £70 per hour.

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We’ve built eCommerce sites for a number of businesses, small and big. If you’re planning an eCommerce site, why not get in touch to see a case studies that matches your project?

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Whilst there isn’t necessarily a limit, the number of products you plan on selling will help determine the costs, and the platforms we recommend. For that reason, it’s best to have a rough idea of how many products you plan to sell before kick-starting the project.

We can, of course, add your products and categories for you, but this may not be the best use of your budget. We recommend setting up a sample of products and categories for you, and then allow you to set up the rest in demo mode. Not only will this save you on costs, but it means your staff will be familiar and confident with the system prior to it going live.

There are plenty of additions you can make to your eCommerce stores. From abandoned baskets to syncing up with your stock in-store, just let us know what your requirements are and we can recommend the best solutions for you.