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Explore the Inner Workings of Your Website

Give your staff the tools they need to evaluate your websites and turn your team into an analytical powerhouse.

What You’ll Learn

All good Analytics professionals know the value of good setup. We’ll show you how to install Analytics tracking on your websites and organise user accounts too.

Filters, goals, account structures, metrics and reports, the list goes on. Google Analytics does a whole lot of stuff and we’re going to show you it all.

On its own, Google Analytics is just a massive collection of data. You need to know how to read it. This is the most important part of the course where we teach you how to sift through the numbers and pick out the info that actually matters.

Few people have time to jump into Google Analytics every single day. We’ll show you how to set up automatic reports packed with all the most important metrics and results.

What’s Included?

No two websites are the same so no two training courses should be either. Before your course takes place, we will conduct in-depth research and tailor your course content to your company and your objectives.

Google Analytics is a huge system and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to master everything in one day. We will issue you with a full set of training materials to take away so you can keep learning after the course.

The best way to learn how to use Google Analytics is to log in and actually use it. From the start of your course, you will use Analytics to evaluate a range of demo and live accounts, ensuring that you’re comfortable with the skills you’re learning.

Our office, your office or a tropical beach in the Maldives. Give us a MacBook and we can train your team wherever and whenever you want.

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