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First of all, if I haven’t talked to you yet, happy new year! I hope the holidays were kind and you had some time to relax and recharge your batteries for 2017!

Last December, I talked to a lot of our clients about some really exciting plans they had for the coming year and I’m genuinely excited to see them come to life!

If I didn’t speak to you and you’ve got digital ideas for 2017, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] and we can chat through your cunning plans.

Well, that’s me for January, I’ll see you in February for a Valentine’s special.


What’s Hot in Digital?

Everyone’s favourite six-second video platform Vine is officially dead. Bought by Twitter back in 2012 for somewhere around $30 million it sort of dwindled into obscurity as it was replaced by Snapchat and Instagram Stories. The good news for Vine fans is that Twitter is basically copying the functionality over to a new app (inventively) named Vine Camera.

Vine is now dead (Independent)


Digital Impact HQ

December was an exciting time for Digital Impact as we recruited a new staff member, rolled out some new and laid the groundwork for 2017. With so much work on the cards, we knew we’d need another pair of paws to pitch in. Earlier this week we welcomed our first new hire of the year, Bella. What did she say when we asked to see her code? Href! Href!

Meat the rest of the team


Spotlight on Pure Vehicle Leasing

Car leasing is simple, right? You find a model you like, a lender who trusts you and you make payments for a few years. Well, what about if you’ve got to build the website that offers all of that? That’s 8,326 different cars, three different contract lengths, variable annual mileages, a host of optional add-ons and three different API to deal with! It gets very tricky very fast. The good news is that didn’t stop us building Pure Vehicle Leasing one awesome website.

Take it for a test drive

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