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How We Built Buttercup a Website Optimised for Conversions

Local Dentist Buttercup 7 Day Dental came to us with a simple but quite significant problem – They weren’t generating enough leads through their website.

After an initial meeting with Gerwyn and Angela we started fleshing out a digital strategy along with personas that we wanted to target.

From creating personas and carrying out extensive research, we made a list of common pain points. This became the foundation for our content strategy. With personas in mind, a heck load of data and a team of in- house experts we were able to optimise the Buttercup strategy and build a new design that supported the complete user journey with one goal in mind: increasing leads.

Although the Buttercup 2.0 site is still new, we’ve seen some significant improvements in bounce rates, time on site, and leads generated already!
Here’s how we built Buttercup a new website optimised for conversions:

Building An Audience & Solving Pain Points

We knew that before we could work our magic, we needed traffic, and we needed a lot of it!
We started out with a multi channel strategy including:



Targeting Buttercups customers pain points and offering solutions through content resulted in a 3,000% increase in traffic to their site!


Buttercup Growing With Digital Marketing


Through consistently publishing high-quality content, optimising paid advertisement campaigns and building authority links, we didn’t just see a huge increase in traffic, we saw Buttercup making their way into top results of the local Google search rankings.

Once we’d built a proper audience, it was time to dig into the mountain of data that we’d acquired and optimise the site for conversions.


Turning Visitors Into Customers

After making sure that Buttercup was ranking on Google, and that they had a steady stream of traffic, we started looking into how to redesign their site so that we could turn visitors into customers.

Every aspect of our redesign was informed by data and carried out into practice by our in-house team of digital experts.

With the help of Google Analytics, Hotjar heatmaps and Optimizely A/B testing we designed what we believed would be the best possible site that Buttercup (*any dentist) could have.

Luckily, Angela and Gerwyn loved the site as much as we did!

Desktop view Buttercup Dental new site

Our Buttercup redesign included:


  • An image focused, clean and minimal design
  • Highly targeted CTAs
  • CTAs stuck on scroll so they are always on the screen
  • Landing pages targeted at Buttercup personas
  • Designed for mobile first
  • Multi level mobile navigation
  • Dedicated about pages
  • Interactive elements such as before and after sliders
  • Google map & Navigation integration
  • Highly targeted content



Great Experiences on All Devices

new Buttercup Website live

Before we started we had suspected that the majority of Buttercup’s traffic would be coming from mobile. As we started digging into analytics it was clear that our suspicion was in fact correct.

We took Buttercup’s new site a step further and designed it for mobile first. We designed Buttercup’s new site to deliver a flawless mobile experience with multilevel navigation, content optimised for mobile and floating CTAs.

Mobile first experience Buttercup Dental

Do you want to optimise your site for leads?

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Everything we do is backed by data. If you put your trust in us we promise to design and build you a website that will help optimise your conversions and build your business online.

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Kevin Stewart
User Interface Designer

Kevin is the seasoned creative behind the design team at Digital Impact. Since moving into his senior designer role, Kevin has helped Digital Impact define a clear visual style and identity.

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