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PPC Management: Could Your Business Benefit?

Today we’re following on from PPC 101 to talk about why PPC is an awesome choice for your business.
“And why is it so awesome?” you ask?
You mean other than the traffic that will flood through your doors with the click of a few buttons? Okay, well what about the massive and instantaneous reach that it provides? Or the unbelievable accurate and granular tracking?
Yeah, now you’ve perked up a bit why don’t we get going!

The Benefits Of Using PPC

Wiser people than me have dedicated their hard earned time to trawling through websites (and probably even books!) to discover the nitty gritty of PPC.
To spare us going through the exhaustive hoard of information, I’ve picked out 4 of the most obvious reasons why PPC should be something you’ve got to consider if you want to up your game.
PPC Benefit. Get You Seen

1. It’s Going To Get You Seen

If you want to succeed online then you’ve got to get yourself out there. I’m talking big, bold and in your face. And what’s more in your face than on the very first page of Google? You might as well be screaming:
“Look at me!”
And how do you get on the first page of Google? Hours and hours of SEO dedication? Nah, no one has time for that! Well, what about our good friend PPC? It can shoot your website to the first spot of the first page of Google in the blink of an eye.
But isn’t being online enough? Won’t your prospective customers seek you out on the second, third or fourth page?
Well, maybe. But I wouldn’t count your chickens.
Guess how many people even bother to go on to the second page? Only 10 percent.
And the third? Just one percent.
After that, you’re totally invisible.
In the world of search engines, if you aren’t first, you’re last. PPC can slap your business bang on that first page making it impossible to ignore your name.
PPC Benefits. Traffic

2. Fast, Furious and Consistent Traffic

Organic traffic is great, but it’s slower than that last hour on a Friday before you head to Spain for a week away without the kids.
And even if you’ve invested big bucks with an impressive SEO company, it might take months before you start seeing the results trickle in.
Can you afford to wait that long before your investment pays off?
Are you an online florist with a wife, who, while she appreciates roses for Valentine’s Day, doesn’t want a stockpile of them taking up every room in her house while you wait for people to find you online.
Are you a new website needing to kickstart some interest and some income to get the rest of your business off the ground?
The good news is I have an alternative to the painful wait: PPC.
With the right keywords, you can have a PPC campaign set up on Google, Yahoo or Bing within the hour.
That means your advertisement will be on the first page in no time, drawing fresh new traffic to your site.
Say goodbye roses, and hello fast and new customers.
Not only does PPC get people clicking onto your website almost immediately, it also gets them clicking onto your site consistently. And consistency is key.
A huge spike or dip in traffic can make or break a website. Thankfully the PPC gods can put you in control, managing the levels of traffic you get each day through setting a daily budget.
PPC Benefits. Target

3. You Can Create Targeted Ads That Are Relevant

It’s all well and good attracting new intrigued faces onto your website, but if you aren’t selling them the right stuff, they aren’t going to stick around.
For example, say you’re a bookstore. You advertise as a bookstore but you actually only specialise in the art and works of Edgar Allan Poe.
If you bid on the keyword Bookstore, you’ll serve your adverts to a generic and unqualified audience. Yes, you’ll attract a lot of traffic but will it be the kind of traffic you want? Probably not.
If someone is just searching for Bookstore, they’ll probably be expecting a general book shop with a wide range of books. As soon as they realise you only specialise in Poe, they’ll be out of there.
If you use more specific keywords like Edgar Allan Poe Bookstore then you’ll attract relevant and convertible traffic.
PPC allows you to target your campaign down to a super granular level. We’ve already talked about keywords but did you know that you can also target locations and specific times?
Not to blow PPCs horn, but I’m going to.
If you conduct proper target audience research then you can create relevant, targeted ads to the customers that you know are wanting what you’re selling. Therefore you can attract the highest quality convertible customers onto your site and make the most of your PPC budget.
PPC Benefits. Test and Track

4. You Can Test and Track Your Ads

One of the biggest selling points of PPC is the ability to test, track and optimise your ads. You simply can’t do that with your average newspaper ad, can you?
PPC allows you to run your ads and provides you feedback on their performance instantaneously. This means from the get go you can see what is working at what isn’t.
Using tools such as Google Analytics, it is possible to quickly gauge which keywords are king, which are making people get the hell outta there. And ultimately, which keywords are delivering the most ROI.
You can then tweak your ads in a fearless battle to the death, picking out the best headlines, body text, scheduling and keywords.
Back to our florist.
Do you think your customers will appreciate the direct approach or something with more humour? Look at these two different headlines.

  • Find cheap rose bouquets for all occasions!
  • How sorry are you really? Check out our different options of rose bouquets.

Using A/B testing, you can see which one interests your target audience more and which one generates more results.
Tracking also allows you to keep a very firm grasp on your spending, seeing down to the last penny where it goes.
Testing allows you to optimise your ads to reach out and grab the most convertible customers.

Want to talk paid search?

It can be hard to navigate the murky waters of PPC but we hope our articles have provided you with some great information to get you thinking if it is right for you.
To keep you on the right track, we’re happy to talk through your long-term objectives and make some recommendations about how to get there. Ping us a quick email to get started.

Sidse Sorensen
Digital Marketing Coordinator

With experience in tech, startup and the public sector, Sidse brings an unbelievable wealth of talent to the marketing team at Digital Impact. Sidse heads up the internal marketing team at Digital Impact and writes for a wide range of clients and niches.

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