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Value Of SEO To Your Business

SEO is a major online marketing strategy used to increase traffic, marketing return on investment and brand awareness. This whole strategy is based around making your site better than your competitors for all the rank factors that Google and other search engines are looking for. The strategy aims to make sure that when users search for terms applicable to your website, they are exposed to your website and products or services.

SEO Expertise

SEO Expertise

We have been strategising and improving SEO campaigns from our base in Glasgow for over 10 years and our strategies have constantly evolved along with the search engine updates to continually deliver results to our clients.

SEO Team In House

SEO Team In House

A great deal of work goes into the best campaigns and with a full team of digital experts including technical SEO specialists, content team, designers, developers and management team we can deliver everything your site needs to succeed online.

Transparent Results

Transparent Results

We track keyword rankings, traffic streams and phone/email responses to analyse how our marketing strategy is affecting your business and quantify your exact return of investment on an ongoing basis.

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SEO Clients in Glasgow

We have worked with a wide range of clients across different sectors and locations — ask one of our consultants today for case studies related to your industry.

Storage Vault Scotland Wide Campaign

  • Increase in organic traffic


  • Increase in organic conversion


  • Local SEO For Multiple Locations
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Increasing Traffic & Leads Consistently Since 2016
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Cardswitcher UK Wide Campaign

  • UK searches In the top 100

    4,700+ keywords

  • Average Traffic Increase Year on Year

    Average 29% Increase

  • National SEO Campaign across the UK
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Increasing Traffic & Leads Consistently Since 2014
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

180 Advisory Solutions Local Campaign

  • Increase in organic traffic (2016 Vs. 2017)


  • Increase in average session duration (2016 Vs. 2017)


  • SEO Campaign Targeting Glasgow and Scotland
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Increasing Traffic & Leads Consistently Since 2017

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

The speed of growth over a 12 month and above period will depend on the aggressiveness of your campaign and the competition for keywords. Generally speaking, you will likely see small wins in the first few months but will only start to see the real results within 6-12 months.

The results will grow beyond this point and you should definitely be seeing considerably better results after 12 months, compared to 6. The results from your campaign may peak after some time - at this point your campaign would be based on maintaining your results or targeting a new set of keywords.

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can ‘cheat’ the search engines and achieve long term growth for your company. SEO campaigns are a long-term strategy and a long term investment.

If your website is new or has had very little SEO then it will take longer for your campaign to make gains as you are essentially starting from scratch. This means that it will take Google time to build up a profile of your website from the work that is completed as part of your new campaign. The amount of work required in your campaign will directly correlate to the level of competition in your target searches. It follows that the more competitive a search, the more work will be required often over a longer period of time to beat your rivals.

The research and planning stage of any SEO Campaign is crucial in establishing what keywords you should target. During this stage, we conduct a thorough keyword research phase which establishes the breakdown of your main or ‘golden keywords’.

However, increasingly, these keywords are not the sole targets for a strong SEO campaign. The development of search has led long tail keywords to become often just as important as your main searches so any well planned campaign must consider a breadth of searches.

SEO is a constant work in progress. If you stop your campaign entirely then the strong likelihood is that your results in Google will start to diminish and competitors will overtake your site in the rankings. The speed with which this happens will depend on the competitiveness of search in your industry. This also applies for reducing your site’s output in order to maintain the achievements of any previous campaign.

Next Step

Project Discovery

Our recommended next step would be to arrange a project discovery meeting to discuss your project requirements in more detail. In this meeting we will review your business problems, goals and objectives, as well as reviewing the performance of any pre-existing digital marketing campaigns.

This provides key insight into what has, and what hasn’t worked for your business, and will in turn inform our proposal on recommendations moving forward.

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