Paid Search

Grow conversions immediately with our paid search strategy & management services.

We create Google Ads campaigns that deliver real measurable results.

Our highly experienced paid search team delivers intuitive PPC campaigns across all areas of paid search that maximise reach, engagement, and conversions and reduce cost-per-acquisition.

Analytics Audit & Correction

It is impossible to measure the effectiveness of any online marketing campaign if you're not tracking the right elements. Our certified Google Analytics specialists will ensure your accounts are working in harmony, which includes setting up relevant conversion events on your site and aligning these with your Google AdWords campaigns.

Advanced Keyword Research

We map out all suitable keywords for your business whilst considering important factors like purchase intent and page type. We then cross-reference these keywords with your Google organic rankings to determine the optimal budget and bidding strategies for your PPC campaigns.

Testing & Conversion Optimisation

High-performing AdWords campaigns rely on constant testing and optimisation to guarantee results. Our Google AdWords experts will continuously monitor micro-variables associated with your campaigns such as device targeting, ad structure and copy, location targeting, ad schedules, demographic targeting, and ongoing negative keyword management.

Custom Reporting

We don’t ask that you put blind faith in us - we want to be as transparent as possible in our work. Once we’ve gathered performance data for your PPC campaign, we transform these insights into a custom Data Studio report for you. This tells you exactly how your ad spend is performing each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

The total cost of your paid search strategy package will vary depending on your particular needs which will determine the length of the campaign and the budget you devote.

Our paid search strategy & management services start at £1,000 per month or 10% of your overall Google AdWords ad spend - whichever is the highest.

Typically our clients achieve somewhere in the region of 150-300% return on investment from their paid search campaigns.

The length of your campaign will depend on what your business goals are, the competition level for your target keywords, and how much you’re willing to spend.

With some of our clients, their budget is spent in bursts and others have devoted a permanent monthly budget. If your business is seasonal, you’ll likely have a heavyweight campaign running for several months and take your foot off the gas for the remainder of the year.

Generally, PPC is seen as a short-term solution whilst waiting for SEO to take effect.