Web Design & Development

We build high-performing websites that stand out in search engines.

How we build high-performance websites

Don’t settle for bog standard templates. Our team of highly experienced full-stack developers and UX designers ensure your website is top of the line. We keep the user experience at the core of the design, focusing on usability and ease of conversion.

Research & Planning

Every project begins with an in-depth UX workshop where we get to know your business - this includes your needs, goals, history, and your brand guidelines. We’ll create user personas modelled after the different user groups your business is targeting. These personas allow us to map out the ideal customer journey which we’ll use to create a digital experience tailored to meet their needs.

User-Centred Web Design

If a user on your website can’t find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily, they’ll exit in just a few seconds. Your website design should guide them smoothly down the conversion funnel - no frustrating menu bars, multiple sub-categories, or flashy but overwhelming design choices. We know what works. Websites should be user-focused, meeting their needs at every turn. They should be intuitive and visually appealing. We roll aesthetics and practicality into one neat user-centric web design.

SEO Ready Web Design

Your site won’t only have human visitors. Google crawlers will scan your website and index it in its search results according to its usability value amongst other factors. In our designs, we consider site architecture. All information should be reachable easily by human users and Google bots. No valuable resources should be buried pages deep into your website.


After we make you an amazing site, we don’t just leave you in the cold. We offer additional support and maintenance services that can be tailored to your business needs. We’ll always be an email or phone call away if you run into any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on which combination of services you’re looking for. Design and build costs will vary depending on whether it’s a brand new website or a redesign of an existing one. Complicated custom features and maintenance retainers will also incur additional costs.

If you’re interested in our web design and development services, just get in touch with a brief and we can scope out a personalised quote for you.

A typical company brochure website will take around 12 weeks to produce. However, as soon as you throw in some custom features or web based apps there is no ballpark estimate for how long it will take to build your custom project.

Provided that you have entailed all your plans and thoughts early on in your brief, we should be able to give you an estimated timeline fairly early on in the process and a detailed one in your project initiation document.

Your new custom site will come with a super intuitive content management system ensuring that you are able to edit most copy and tweak pages, along with maintaining your news/ blog section.

Your site is fully owned by yourself, so you are free to do with it whatever you see fit. We do recommend that if you need to amend or change parts that aren’t just copy or swapping graphics — that you contact us.

Building a great website takes months, but breaking it just takes a few seconds — especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Our web development specialists are all in-house. They’ve worked collaboratively on multiple successful projects over the course of Digital Impact’s lifetime, so they’ve developed a winning formula to deliver projects to spec and on time. They are truly working at the top of their game!