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Top 6 Digital & Marketing Stories in February

Ads Added by AdWords

Google has launched a pilot that adds new text ads to advertisers’ accounts. Dubbed Ads Added by AdWords, the program officially started on 26th January.
Essentially, Ads Added by AdWords writes new ad variations for you that are designed to improve your PPC performance and Google predicts they’ll boost your performance by somewhere between 5 and 15 percent.
For the initial test, Ads Added by AdWords will be created and reviewed by people on Google’s Adwords team, with no automation or machines used!
However, we expect their long-term aim will be for this to become totally automated.
If your account has been selected as part of the pilot you will see a green label next to your Ads.

To read more about this head over to Search Engine Journal.

SMEs Plan to Increase Digital Marketing Budgets \\ AdWeek

Small businesses are upping their game when it comes to digital marketing with 70% of SMEs claiming they plan to increase their marketing spend!
In a recent survey commissioned by GetResponse, they found small businesses are upping their game when it comes to digital marketing with that 70% upping their budgets for 2017.
Of the 70% of SMEs that confirmed they would increase their digital marketing budget, a whopping 30% of them said their budget would increase considerably, while over 40% said their budget would increase somewhat.
Out of all the companies polled, only 2% said their budget would decrease.

70 Percent of Small Businesses Plan to Increase Digital Marketing Spend

Facebook ‘to launch ads within videos’

Very soon you may need to get used to seeing advertisements when you’re watching videos on Facebook. We’re hearing that Facebook is planning to test mid-roll video advertising, which involves ads being played after a video has already started.
Facebook will sell the ads and share the revenue with publishers, who will receive 55% of all sales.
The revenue split matches YouTube’s offer, which is significant as YouTube has dominated the online video market for the past decade.

Are Google Tweaking Their Algorithm?

All major online search results tracking tools — MozCast, Algoroo, RankRanger, etc — have been showing significant turbulence since the start of February. This turbulence suggests Google has been fiddling with their algorithms.
The current guess is that the update was going after sites with spammy backlink profiles and other blackhat link building techniques.
As always, Google hasn’t confirmed whether they’ve made any changes but that’s par for the course at the moment.
The last major algorithm update known as the Penguin update occurred on 17th October 2014 and some websites are still struggling to catch up on lost ground.

Amazon is Go

Amazon appears to be preparing to open checkout-free grocery stores in the UK. There’s already reports that it has started searching for high street locations in central London.
AmazonGo is the latest concept from the eCommerce giant that sets to revolutionise a part of our lives, though this time it’s our weekly shopping.
Customers will be able to pack their cart as normal but will be able to walk out without queuing or paying at a checkout. Instead, these stores will use sensors to track customers and record the items put in their shopping baskets. Your Amazon account would simply be charged on leaving the store.

Amazon want to take out inefficiencies from retail shopping and make the experience more convenient for shoppers.
However, this could be bad news for retail employees. Before the launch of AmazonGo, the British Retail Consortium predicted almost a third of the UK’s 3 million shop jobs would disappear by 2025 as companies move to automated technology.

Bad Month for Zuckerberg

After losing a recent legal case involving Oculus Rift and getting stung for $500 million, Zuckerberg got some more bad news with a group of shareholders seeking his removal as chief executive.
The proposal to remove Zuckerberg is being led by global consumer watchdog SumOfUs and claims that Facebook’s future success requires an independent chairperson who would be better able to “oversee the executives of the company and improve corporate governance”.
SumOfUs bills itself as an online community that campaigns to hold large corporations accountable to their shareholders on a range of global issues such as climate change, workers’ rights, discrimination, human rights, corruption and corporate power grab.

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