Web Applications

Applications that solve your business problems and makes your company more productivity.

We develop web applications that streamline workflows, automate tasks, help optimise your processes and enhance productivity throughout your daily operations.

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Who’s the service for?

Maybe you need a real-time tracking application, or to optimise an internal business process critical to your operations. Or maybe you need an external system where you can collaborate with your clients.

Whatever your need, big or small, we can create a custom app focused on solving your daily pain points and optimising your business for productivity. Our highly experienced development team will scope out the idea with you and come up with a unique and tailored solution that will help solve your problem.

What do I get?

A web app is software accessible via a browser. It’s designed to fulfill a specific purpose and doesn’t need to be installed. We develop web applications that are tailored to your specific needs and wants so you can optimise your productivity.

  • Solution driven approach

    First, our project team will sit down with you to discuss your exact needs and wants. After our initial meeting, we’ll come up with a sustainable solution to your problem in the shape of a custom application and once signed off — we’ll start building.

  • Success driven methodology

    Your feedback is key to your application's success. That's why our project delivery methodology has you at the heart of it. Throughout the project, you will be regularly reviewing wireframes, designs and functional prototypes to make sure that the web app works for you.

  • Cross platform

    A modern day application must work effortlessly across desktop, mobile and tablet. Your applications will be built on a responsive framework and therefore work on a wide range of devices. Furthermore, we can fully integrate your application with existing platforms such as CRM’s, payment gateways and third party API’s.

  • Expertly project managed

    Your project will be managed by a technical project manager who will guide you through all important decisions whilst ensuring your project is running on time and within budget.

  • Security

    The security of your data is our highest priority, from the onset of the planning and all the way through to putting your application live — we will ensure that your app comes with a high level of security.

Why Digital Impact?

We have worked with a wide range of clients and industries to deliver innovative, problem solving web applications. Whether you need help to automate your business workflow, increase staff productivity, or integrate third party API’s to supplement your business data, we’re here to help you optimise your business and hit your goals.

Results you can expect

From the onset, through the planning and development phases you will have an active role in shaping and suggesting improvements for your web application. As a result of this, your finished product should be exactly the application you need to solve your problems.


Our product is our team’s time and that’s how we bill our work. No two projects are the same and we quote based on your exact requirements with all work billed at £70 per hour.

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Web applications vary immensely in terms on complexity so it is almost impossible for us to propose a timeline for your web app without having received a proper brief.

Get in touch today to have your project scoped out and to get an idea of the timeline and price of a potential new web application for your business.

Once your app is completed, Intellectual Property (IP) Rights are fully transferred to you; there are no license fees to use software we develop for you.

As with time estimates, the cost of building your custom web application depends on what functionality your application needs and the complexity of it all.

Get in touch to discuss your exact brief and we should be able to provide you with a ballpark figure to start with.