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No pre-made templates, no copied layouts and no half-baked ideas. We build data-driven engaging experiences that are carefully tailored to you, your brand and your objectives.

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Websites built for demanding customers

Since you’re here, we’re guessing you are not 100% satisfied with your website. You may want your site to look better than your latest competitor, generate more leads, or maybe it’s outdated and not performing well on different devices. Whatever you, or your bosses are looking for, we’re ready to go beyond your expectations and build you a fast site optimised for conversions.

What do I get?

As well as a stunning website your competitors will envy, your website project comes with the following features.

  • Understand your target audience

    Before the project starts, we work with you to identify your key personas. Every decision along the way is taken with your personas in mind.

  • Responsive sites optimised for search engines

    All our sites are built to work seamlessly across a wide range of devices and with SEO in mind from day one, your site is optimised from the start to enhance your online visibility.

  • Built to convert customers

    With user experience at the core of our designs, we analyse your existing stats and ensure your site becomes easier for users to use and convert.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    We know your website is going to evolve with updated content so all sites are built with a CMS, allowing you to tweak content and create regular news items in-house.

Why Digital Impact?

Everything we build is done in-house with a team packed with designers, developers, marketers and qualified project and account managers. We like to see ourselves as an extension of your marketing department, all working together to grow your business.

Our Process

  • Research Stage

    Inclusive of project planning, persona research, project start up meeting and project initiation document detailing all deliverables.

  • Wireframes & Prototyping

    These are sketches of the final website. They show how all the major elements are arranged and how users will work through the website.

  • Provision of Content & Images

    We can assist with content writing and photography services, or we can provide your team with all the requirements to complete in house and submit.

  • Full Designs

    With wireframes, images and content, our design team works to produce complete designs inclusive of colour, graphics, icons and design elements.

  • Development

    Using best practice techniques and the latest web technologies, our developers transform your designs into a fully functioning demo.

Project costs

Our product is our team’s time and that’s how we bill our work. No two projects are the same and we quote based on your exact requirements with all work billed at £70 per hour.

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Website prices can vary depending on size, complexity and what role the website has in meeting your business objectives.

For example, a small company website which is to serve simply as an online business card with a nice visual and some contact details would require much less attention than a large company selling highly technical and specialised products which would require a lot of detail and consideration to market to the end user.

As a result, websites will range greatly on cost depending on matters like; the number and complexity of your websites pages, any custom development and functionality it may have, and the level of overall design.

If you supply a basic brief and are looking for a price quotation the likelihood is that different agencies will often quote various amounts for different things. However, even with a detailed brief with clear deliverables you are likely to still receive a range of prices.

Finding an agency that fits your business and its objectives is a key part of the challenge in ensuring a successful delivery of your project.

Whilst estimates can provide insight to an agency’s pricing and average project - it is essential you receive a price that has been determined by working through the scope of your project, or you can end up facing some nasty surprises down the way.

Ultimately your decision should come down to who you trust to anticipate your business’s best interests, and assist in the growth of your company.

A website is going to be one of your key marketing tools. It is crucial that the agency is well placed to make the most out of your budget and provide value to your business on an ongoing basis.

A typical company brochure website will take around 12 weeks to produce.

This is another key question and one that can often sting unsuspecting consumers. Under our terms and conditions, you are the sole owner of all of your website and assets and are free to do with them as you wish.