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3 Strong Reasons Why You Should Hire A PPC Expert

Being a small business owner means you are probably having to spin several plates at once. Jumping from accounts, to management, to sales, to whatever else is needed. It isn’t easy. And adding another plate to the mix definitely isn’t going to make it any easier. Especially as PPC is pretty tricky plate to spin.

As we go through this article you will understand that there’s a lot that goes into making a PPC campaign successful. If you want to succeed without dropping any other plates you need to dedicate a LOT of your time. Including extensive research, planning, creating and running your campaign. Not to mention constantly tracking, analysing, optimising and updating it. Phewwww. All that, and running your business? That is a massive task to take on.

Lucky for you there is another option.

If you hire a PPC expert to run your campaign from start to finish, you can focus all your efforts on running your business.

A PPC expert can dedicate 100% of their focus on your campaign and they can do so much quicker, with much more experience, and much more efficiently than you can hope to achieve as a beginner. Why? Because it’s their job. To put it simply they do this day in and day out, they live, breathe, eat and sleep PPC.

This article is going to show you 3 valid reasons why you should strongly consider hiring a PPC expert to run your campaign over doing it yourself.

PPC Expert

1. They’ve Got The Know-How

There is a LOT to learn for PPC. And I mean a lot. If you aren’t a fan of jargon then PPC will make your head spin.

I’m talking CPM’s to CPC’s and CPA’s. What about the difference between your bounce rate and your exit percentage? Or your views from your impressions and CTRs? And which one is more important for your campaign and your business? Should you be on Google Display Network or just Google Search? How much might that cost? How long should it run? Should you aim it to all ages? All areas? All devices? Wait, you can choose which devices?… the list of questions is vast. The metrics are many. And the settings need be precise.

Even if you think you know most of it, the one or two things you don’t know could cost you to blow your entire budget or dwindle it on poor results. Campaigns take a lot of know-how to not only plan, but to set up too. If you want to utilise every penny then the settings need to be specific to your goals and your campaign.

And that’s only getting your campaign planned, set up and running. What about afterwards? You’re going to want to know where your sales are coming from. You need to exactly pinpoint details like location, demographic, and device. Why? To help you make all those small but vital changes to optimise your campaign to get the best results you can whilst your campaign runs. Are you able to dedicate your time and money into figuring out how all this works and the best plays to make?

The biggest benefit to having a PPC expert is their know-how. Once they understand you and your business goals they can dive right in and apply the exact settings to make your campaign run smoothly and squeeze every penny out of the budget to get the highest ROI.


2. They’ve Got The Skill

It’s not just knowledge that PPC experts have, there’s some serious skill and creativity involved too.

Keyword Research

The saying goes that you need to start somewhere, and that somewhere for a PPC campaign is keyword research. Keyword research is the backbone to any good campaign and it takes more that just guess-work and a few Google searches to get it right.

It is so much more that simply choosing a relevant keyword. For a SME you might be up against some heavy competition for your desired keyword. That’s where expert keyword research comes in to find a keyword with low enough competition to compete, but also enough volume to draw in the traffic. And not just any traffic, convertible traffic.

Getting it right could mean rocketing to the top of Google’s first page and increasing the volume of traffic to your site exponentially. However, getting it wrong can mean a massive drain on your budget with poor ROI, not to mention damaging your Adwords quality score.

So unless you know what keywords suit your campaign then you are taking a big gamble on which to base your campaign around.

PPC experts have the know-how to find exactly what will work for your campaign through past experience with other clients, and knowing what trends to look out for. Not only will they find the optimum keywords to centre your campaign around, they can also test which ones work best, constantly adapting and changing to best suit your campaign needs.

Ad Copy and Landing Page

If keyword research is the backbone then ad copy is the face and landing pages are the personality of your campaign.

Ad copy is crucial to get right as this is what your potential customers will see when they search your keyword. Are you skilled enough to write this persuasive, to the point, piece of copy to get your traffic to click? Every word counts and this is your sales pitch.

If you don’t make your ad copy to the highest standard, it won’t convert your traffic, and then all the keyword research you carried out will be dead in the water. Likewise if your landing page isn’t up to scratch. It is vital that your landing page elevates your campaign so that people find what they are looking for once they click your ad. Remember, every click costs, so you need your landing page to give them the final reason to convert. It must match the keyword and the ad copy with a compelling

CTA to make the campaign a success.

PPC professionals will study and understand your audience, your industry, your competitors and your goals. This experience and skill is unmatched, and along with their creativity and ability to design and write your ad copy and landing pages – they can ensure that you are making the most of your PPC marketing budget.

PPC Expert2

3. They’ve Got The Time, The Tools and The Passion

As I’ve clearly explained there is a lot of time involved in simply researching, planning and setting up your campaign. But you also need the right tools and a passion to stay on the ball.


If you can manage to find the time to do this yourself, then great, but setting up an AdWords account and campaign isn’t just a one off. You will need to find the time again and again to keep it running successfully, and to improve it.

A PPC campaign is like a plant, you need to nurture it to help it grow. You need to be constantly tracking, analysing, testing and optimising it make the required changes to make it flourish.

As a small business owner you are likely to already struggle to find as many hours in the day as you have committed to. Not only do PPC experts have the time to carry out your campaigns, they can do everything faster and more efficiently, making your marketing budget stretch even further.


There are some free tools available online, but you need to know how to use them. PPC experts work day in and day out on campaigns therefore are very likely to have the best tools for it at no added cost to you. It’s just part of the package.


Are you interested in the current marketing trends? Do you know the changes Google make on a daily basis? Have you heard of the new tools released this month for keyword research? Probably not. And that’s okay.

For PPC experts, it’s their job to know these things and guide your campaigns through it. They have the passion and the willingness to continually learn and grow as PPC ever changes. PPC is a difficult task at best. But if you just aren’t interested it’s going to be very hard to wrap your head around it..

At the end of the day PPC can be done by amateurs. But not easily, and normally not well. An attempt at saving some money may end up costing you a lot more. Not only expenses but time and effort too.

Like any job PPC takes time, skill, know-how, effort and willingness. PPC is a profession, and as with any profession it takes years of practice to master it. If you want to save time, drive leads to your website and increase your conversion rates then why not hire a PPC expert?

If you’ve got any question, or want to discuss what we our PPC team can do for you – Feel free to contact us here or call us on 0141 387 8510.


Sidse Sorensen
Digital Marketing Coordinator

With experience in tech, startup and the public sector, Sidse brings an unbelievable wealth of talent to the marketing team at Digital Impact. Sidse heads up the internal marketing team at Digital Impact and writes for a wide range of clients and niches.

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