We set your website up for success with careful research and planning.


We start our deep digging as soon as we arrange the initial discovery call/meeting with your team. We’ll identify which of our services you need and what your project goals are. If you have an existing website, we’ll get a feel for how it is currently performing. Gathering all of these important details helps us define the project scope so we can set up a crystal clear roadmap.

UX Workshop

The purpose of the UX workshop is twofold. Firstly, we’ll learn more about your business, including your history, your goals, and your brand guidelines. Secondly, we learn about your target audience and create user personas modelled after the different user groups. Combined, this information allows us to draw up designs that reflect your brand’s personality and map out the ideal digital customer journey.

Competitor Analysis

We learn which techniques are effective in your “niche” by exploring your competitors’ strategies. We’ll consider a whole host of factors including their target keywords, copywriting strategy, and site architecture. Through this, we can learn what appeals to your target audience and search engine crawlers which will inform our designs.

User Persona Journey Planning

With all of our findings, we’ll pinpoint how your site visitors will proceed down the conversion funnel. Before we draw up designs, we’ll identify your must-have pages, copywriting guidelines (for you to write or to assign to our in-house team), and whether you need custom images, videos, or tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like us to draw up designs to refresh your existing website, we will still need to carry out research. The level of research will vary depending on how well your current website performs and whether we have worked with each other before. The digital landscape is so fast-paced that we can’t rely on research that was carried out months or years ago. We don’t deal in guesswork so we will need some solid data behind us to make sure your final website delivers the best possible ROI!

It sure is - we have a very experienced, collaborative, in-house team of marketers, designers and developers who cover all bases of the research process. This allows us to keep projects running smoothly and swiftly.

Proper research sets the entire web development project up for success. At Digital Impact, we have over a decade of experience of researching, designing, and building websites that meet the demands of the contemporary digital space. Our clients have come from a variety of backgrounds, including automotive, financial, and legal, so we are easily able to adapt our approach to the particular needs of your business.

The cost of research depends on the nature of your website project - for a proper quote, please get in touch with us!