The Top Drawer

The Top Drawer

The Top Drawer (TTD) is a family-run furniture and home decor showroom. Their existing website had ecommerce functionality, but they were not using it effectively, and it wasn’t aligned with the message they wanted to portray.

TTD did not want to position themselves as an online retailer - they wanted to provide a full interiors service. They did not want to push products - they wanted to promote a lifestyle. They wanted to take customers through every step of their interior design journey, providing a tailored, personalised experience. Their ecommerce website did not appropriately communicate this messaging.

The team at Digital Impact devised a budget-friendly solution to TTD’s problem. We decided the best solution was to get rid of their multi-page ecommerce website and replace it with a super simple single-page site that encourages visitors to reach out for information about their service.

The Challenge

The Top Drawer came to us with a dilemma. They wanted to sell a lifestyle - they wanted their website to start a dialogue with site visitors. They wanted to encourage them to get in touch to talk through their home interior options. Their current website didn’t communicate this.

Their previous website was very much product-driven. With ecommerce functionality, the website was divided up into categories for each room in the home. TTD felt this format detracted from their ultimate goal of driving foot traffic to their showroom and generating leads via their contact form.

TTD needed a website redesign that facilitated the straightforward customer journey they envisaged: visit the website, learn about TTD, learn about the service, be inspired, reach out via the contact form.

Additionally, knowing that their target audience is heavily influenced by fast-changing interior decor trends from the likes of Instagram, TTD needed to be able to refresh their website imagery on a regular basis to stay relevant.

The Solution

With TTD’s clear vision in mind, we set about simplifying and refining their website. The process was centred around the following core elements:

  • Multi-device responsive design.
  • Clean, image-focused single page site centred around a contact form.
  • Easy-to-update CMS process for in-house team.

Responsive Design

From our research, we found that 30% of TTD’s website users access the site using their mobile phones.

Our designs needed to deliver a thoroughly optimised experience on all devices to ensure that this third of website users had an equally enjoyable and smooth user experience.

We tailored our designs to look and work great on all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. No matter the device used, website visitors should be able to consume all the information on the page with ease and the functionality of the contact form should not be compromised.

Single-Page Site

The driving goals of the new website were:

  • To quickly communicate who and what The Top Drawer is.
  • To inspire potential customers with a familiar content format (imagery).
  • To encourage users to reach out to The Top Drawer via the contact form.

The previous website format with extensive ecommerce category pages took away from these goals. It would not be immediately clear to a site visitor that TTD wished them to visit the showroom or to reach out for tailored support to personalise and bring their home interior to life. The website was very much product-driven rather than benefit-driven, the benefit being the experience of a “lifestyle”.

To get rid of the “noise” that accompanied the many product pages from before, we overhauled their whole site, replacing it with a single page with crystal clear messaging.

The page is divided into sections, including:

  • What TTD do.
  • Where they are based.
  • Project examples / Instagram inspiration.
  • Contact form.

With this fresh, super simple design, TTD’s goal of increasing leads through the contact form could not be clearer. The customer journey is linear and distraction-free. The new design shows that bigger does not always mean better. In a single page, TTD’s brand personality shines through, allowing them to create a great first impression and generate leads.

Easy-To-Update CMS

The nature of the interior design industry is that trends are constantly evolving. With a single page to inspire their visitors, TTD needed to be able to keep the content fresh and in line with the fashions of the season.

We built the website on WordPress, an intuitive and highly user-friendly content management system. TTD staff would therefore be able to add, edit, and remove content (particularly imagery) with ease.

Great importance is placed on the imagery as part of a TTD customer’s journey, so the ability to easily keep the content up-to-date means that their single-page site will serve them well long after its launch.

The Results

The Top Drawer’s new single-page website is one that is more fitting of the brand and their goals. It promotes the “lifestyle” they want to draw customers in with which their previous page-heavy ecommerce website failed to do.

The customer journey is effortless and goal-oriented: site visitors are encouraged to get in touch via the contact form after drawing inspiration from the image-heavy page.

The Top Drawer’s new minimalist website approach will serve them well in the months and years to come. Their in-house team are able to keep the page updated regularly, helping to present the brand as a family-run business always on the cutting edge of interior design.